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Friday, August 20, 2004

Hills, valleys and hedges

Living in East Tennessee, it's sometimes difficult to find flat land.

Our first rental house in Johnson City was on a hill and our first purchased home in West Knoxville was on a hill. So it was that when we went house hunting in Maryville, we looked for flat land and we found it -- too much of it.

Maybe it was the griping about having to mow what seemed to be an acre of ground (push mowing, mind you), but as the Lord would have it our next home was -- you guessed it -- on a hill in West Knoxville.

We have flat spots in our faith, and we have hills to climb, and valleys to spend time in. If you've got a yard to mow, often times there's a hedge to keep up -- or, at least some shrubs.

As we learn in Isaiah 5, hedges are sometimes God's protection. They can keep out wild animals and other intruders; the hedge of the Holy Spirit helps you avoid sin. One lesson of Isaiah 5 is this: God provides for us, gives us our daily bread, and expects good fruit out of us. If there's sin in the camp, we are likely to produce "wild grapes."

In the case of Israel, God removed the hedge.

Pray that sin in the camps of churches, families and our personal life is quenched by the fire of God's Holy Spirit.