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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Been down so long it seems like up to me ...

My main computer system (a workhorse of a box funded by my dad while I was between churches) has been down so long that I am now three hurricanes behind on We're still praying for Charley's victims and Ivan's beating on our door!

I use FrontPage to update the site and the only copy I have is on the horse. Luckily, the church has a laptop that has enabled me to at least continue running e-mail, writing sermons, doing course of study work, and creating some PowerPoint for worship.

I picked up the horse this morning, but will probably spend most of Wednesday morning hooking up the maze of wires.

Hopefully I can make quick work of it so I can return to course of study stuff. Pastor Jim Green is filling in on Sunday, allowing me to try and get caught up on homework.

Kind of reminds me of that Richard Farina novel, "Been Down So Long It Seems Like Up To Me."

Surely some of the folks walking through The Meadow are wondering what's going on.

Grace and peace.