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Friday, September 17, 2004

The world pleads, "Gimme Shelter!"

It's just before midnight and "the remnants" of Hurrican Ivan (now tropical storm Ivan) are splashing against my window pane in the dark of the night.

Storms have always fascinated me. I catch myself gazing at the sky in awesome wonder as dark clouds roll in.

When a tornado is coming, many people flee to the safety of a storm shelter, or whatever shelter they can find. When the wrath of Herod was coming, the angel told Joseph to take his family to the safety of Egypt.

They would be safe there.

Where do you feel safe when you are afraid?

What are the tornadoes, the terrors, of your life? Where would you go if they were to come?

We have a need to face our fears.

In the movie “Twister," the child Joanna watched her father get sucked out of a storm shelter by a tornado. As an adult, she became obsessed with facing the storms head-on.

Tragic consequences in the storms of life can bring about a change. We can be sucked up into a funnel cloud of fear and return to earth with a sense of peace.

We go through a time of brokeness, and the healing power of God’s Holy Spirit makes us whole again; after a time of anguish, we experience the calming presence of the Comforter.

The lost are unaware of that, and walk aimlessly through the crashing thunder, the flash of lightning, and the blinding rain, pleading, "Gimme Shelter!"

The world needs to know the presence of Jesus
the power of the Holy Spirit
and the knowledge that God is on the throne.

How will they know, unless they hear?

How will they hear, unless we tell them?

Grace and peace ...