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Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Chair of Thanksgiving

Living Psalm 46 all week long really prepared me for worship this morning: God is my refuge; a very present help in time of need.

Even the absence of a projector did not get in the Holy Spirit's way. We've been having to borrow a projector and somehow it ended up at the church without a power chord. So, all of my imagery was absent. Still, Linda Carrick and Elizabeth Franklin had created a great altar display of fruits and such -- a bit of cornucopia -- that provided adequate imagery. And when I opened the door for members who felt led to "sit in the seat of Thanksgiving," several answered the call.

After the service closed, we moved to the fellowship hall where the church broke bread together, thanks to planning by Becky Waugh and others.

This morning there was a great New Testament feel in The Meadow.

It was a great prelude to Advent.

Grace and peace,