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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Of growing deeper ...

It was an unexpected comment from a woman who, from all appearances, is solid in the faith.

While I can't quote her directly, she said something along the lines of, "Your worship services help me to grow."

All I could say was, "Praise God ..."

First off, I certainly cannot claim to have the most original messages every Sunday. I draw from a variety of resources: minister's manuals,,, but prayerfully through the direction of the Holy Spirit. I do ocassionally find time to sit down and pen an "original" message, but given my bivocational status, it is incredibly difficult to do so on a weekly basis. I'm a journalist by trade and it pains me to not write something that is "totally mine" each week. However, I long ago decided that such a spirit was one of pride. "Who am I to think that God can only use my 'original' words?" And after all, whose message is it anyway but God's?

So, when I hear words like that, all I can say is, "Praise God ..."

No, make that, "Praise God!"

Secondly, my job is to lead people more deeply into worship and spiritual growth, all the while as I grow more deeply in worship and spiritual growth. It's not about credit, it's about God. It's about drawing closer to Him in worship -- worship that is in spirit and in truth.

It's my job to preach the truth, while helping to create a welcoming atmosphere for the Holy Spirit.

If I am able to do that weekly, then, "Praise God!"

Grace and peace ...