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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Church at Dinnertime

I went to a local restaurant tonight and was reminded how we are the Church wherever we are.

On previous visits to this particular eatery, I became acquainted with a brother and sister who work there and on various occasions they have shared their lives with me while waiting on my table. They think nothing of sitting down to chat with me between tasks. It's really an honor that they trust me with their thoughts.

Do I merely have that kind of face?

Or is it the Spirit in them that recognizes the Spirit in me?

In talking with them, I would consider them post-Christian in that they have seeds of faith within them but are not active in a community today. The brother (who is perhaps about 22) talked a little about his spiritual journey, which has made stops in three different churches.

"I really need to get back with the Lord," he said, generally talking about mistakes he had made in the past year. He said he "adapts" to his "surroundings," which I took as a veiled reference to having recently been caught up in a lifestyle that he knows is contary to God's desire for him. He obviously believes being back in a community of faith would be beneficial.

I have shared my own story with him, hoping that he will hear the word of grace and know that he is loved and accepted by God just as he is.

I genuinely hope he -- and his sister -- comes to The Meadow sometime.