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Friday, January 14, 2005

Pre-Resurrection worship ...

I can not be with The Meadow youth at Resurrection this weekend, and it is the first time I can recall not having gone in many years.

So, I wanted to spend some time with them in the Lord before they left. And so we met for a brief time of worship late this aftertoon before the 17 left for Gatlinburg.

The theme for the weekend is “Show Me Your Glory” and I had something on my heart to share with them and then I saw the Scripture, Exodus 33:12-20, and it confirmed it.
God was pleased with Moses and passed in front of the prophet, showing the glory of the divine. Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well that worship sought by the Father is that which is done in spirit and in truth.

Before celebrating Holy Communion and lighting candles on a prone cross in the sanctuary of The Meadow, I shared the importance of a right spirit in worship. After all, Jesus didn’t say, ‘the kind of worshippers the Father seeks are those with their hands in the pockets, or at their side, trying to look cool.’

That’s not true worship; that’s not focusing on God; that’s focusing on self. God has something great He wants to show us … He wants to show us His glory.

We need to open our hearts to true worship that the Father desires, whether in Gatlinburg, The Meadow, or in our living room.

The sight of 17 people coming up one by one, lighting a votive candle on the cross as Third Day sang "Show Me Your Glory" and looping videos spilled across the screen in a darkened sanctuary was quite moving.

There was an attitude of worship that filled the sanctuary and I prayed went with them to the Resurrection youth conference.

Grace and peace ...