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Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Green Mackerels Dive Deep ...

This morning during worship the congregation caught a glimpse of the depth of spirituality among our youth.

As is the tradition, within a couple of weeks after returning from Resurrection, the annual United Methodist Youth Fellowship worship gathering, our youth prepared and led the weekend worship gathering at The Meadow. True to the Chris Tomlin song they song, it was an "Indescribable" experience in many ways; however, I can share the material they wrote specifically for this service. It's a testament to the work of God in their lives and an understanding of the Christian faith.

One: We try to hide from You. We try to fall behind and leave You. We try to run from you.
Many: Show us Your glory, oh God.
One: We brand ourselves, we hurt You. We're too good for Your love.
Many: Show us Your glory, oh God.
One: We speak Your name in vain. We hate You for taking loved ones away from us. We blame You for placing us here in this world of danger and chaos.
All: Yet we follow Your footsteps. We read Your Word. We praise Your holy name. We love You with our whole hearts. We give our heart, soul, and strength and everythign we own to You. Show us Your glory, oh God.

Dear God, help us to love You more. Help us to understand You better. Help us to hunger for Your Word. Help us to see Your glory in all that we do. Help us to be more like You. And most of all God, help us to love everyone regardless of who they are, where they live, what they believe or what they have done. Amen.

Wonderful, Holy Lord. Though the world is a harsh, dark place, Your glory shines through. Please open our eyues, hearts and mind to Your Word and teach us how to live more in harmony with others. Amen.

One: Touch us with Your Glory, O God;
All: touch us as we give, that our giving may reflect faithful discipleship.
One: Touch us as our gifts go to glorify You, O God;
All: touch us in the way of Christ, that the struggling ones may find freedom.
One: Touch us with the will to bring change in the lives of others,
All: that the despairing ones may find hope, and the lonely find community.
One: Come, Holy Spirit, bless us and our gifts for Your work. Amen.

There was also a silent skit produced to the Third Day song "Thief."

In short, I was amazed at the depth; however, I don't know why I stand amazed. I've seen the Spirit move among them before.

Grace and peace ...