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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Belated blips and blurbs from Buzz ...

(I've had problems uploading to this blog, so this post is actually weeks old!)

OK, I'm a poet and don't know it, but my sermons show it: They're long fellows. Boy, is that bad, or what? I had several little blips and blurbs (as we call them in the news business) that I wanted to share:

  • We had our Palms to Passion/Stataions of the Cross gathering on Palm Sunday and despite being warned about a two-hour time estimate, we had an average crowd show up. The interesting thing was this: about a third of the crowd was made up of visitors connected to various families who are part of the community. Plus, about half of the worshippers did not take part in last year's similar gathering. So, many people experienced the Stations of the Cross for the first time. Afterward, one of the out-of-town visitors told me she was Pentecostal and had visited several United Methodist Churches because her husband was United Methodist. Then with tears in her eyes she said, "But I've never visited a United Methodist Church like this one."

  • Becky, who is a member at The Meadow, went to Cracker Barrel wearing one of the little wooden crosses made by the youth for the Palms to Passion and Holy Thursday gatherings. A restaurant worker said, "Oh, did you go to a Palm Sunday service? I would have loved to have gone, but I work on Sundays." Becky asked her if she would like to have her cross, and the woman said, "Yes." So, she gave it to her. "Where do you go to church?" the woman asked. A great piece of servant evangelism ...

  • The Cracker Barrel visitor showed up on Holy Thursday and went through the Stations of the Cross following the service. Since then, she even made a visit to our regular Sunday morning service when she had an off day!
    After worship and lunch on Palm Sunday, I took my daughter Elizabeth and her boyfriend Sam to the "Ink & B lood exhibit. It was a fascinating look at early texts, ancient writing and related artifacts. The exhibit contained a working replica of a Gutenberg press. I took advantage of an invitation to print a page using the replica. It was a neat feeling!

Grace and peace ...