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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Imitator: The Inward Supplement to Following Christ

The Imitator of Christ seeks to be filled with the love of the Savior; in fact, to be bathed in that love.

"I would gladly speak to you my word and manifest to you my secrets, if you would only diligently watch for my coming and open unto me the door of your heart."

Blessed is the soul that hears the voice of the Lord, and the ears that "receive the pulses of the divine whisper." The Imitator does not give primary ear to the voices that are "sounding without" -- the words of Moses and the prophets -- but for the inward voice of Truth.

"They indeed may utter words, but they cannot give the Spirit. Most beautifully do they speak, but if you are silent, they do not inflame the heart."

How often do we seek the counsel of man before ever approaching the counsel of the Spirit? We may get excited about the words of a modern-day prophet, but once the words have been spoken, what is left but echoes falling into the night.

There is far better counsel in the eternal "divine whisper" that never leaves you, that never forsakes you, than the words of mortal man.

We pray with The Imitator: Speak, therefore, Lord, for your servant listens; for you have the words of eternal life. Speak to me, to the comfort, however imperfect, of my soul, and to the amendment of my whole life, and to your everlasting praise, honor, and glory. Amen.

Grace and peace ...