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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rob Bell and Wednesday nights ...

We had our second Lenten midweek gathering on Wednesday night at The Meadow.

If you include me and the pianist, there were five of us.

Eight, if you include the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It's a more relaxed, conversational time of worship, and I've decided I need that interlude between Sundays. After the Lenten season, I may look for some more multimedia material.

I don't prepare a message. Instead, we gather, pray, read Scripture and then spend some time in worship with song. In the past two weeks, we have also been watching and listening to Rob Bell of Mars Hill Bible Church. Rob's a youngish pastor with a unique style that appeals to me.

It seems it also appeals to some of the older saints at Green Meadow. Because, outside of me, the pianist and music leader (who was at "Stomp!" tonight), it's been a few of the older folks who have been coming.

"What's he gonna talk about next," said an 80-something excitedly, after Bell's words on God believing in us. "I can't wait!"

Ah, the enthusiasm of the old in faith and young in heart. It's hard to beat!

Grace and peace ...