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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BBQ in The Meadow

Last weekend, Wil Waugh brought his new smoker over to The Meadow and we put it to the test. It passed with flying colors ... or, should I say "embers."

We cooked about 25-plus pounds of pork butt, using the Wood Family BBQ sauce on two butts, while we used a rub on another butt. Both styles got high marks from the three dozen people who hung around after worship on Sunday.

As Wil and I sat there chewing the proverbial fat, he offered, "You know, we might get a little hungry later. Maybe we ought to throw a couple of chickens on." I called Donna and she allowed that we could all break bread together. She made a pasta salad, while Becky fetched three fryers and some corn on the cob.

It was a delicious feast and wonderful fellowship.

Sometime Saturday afternoon Bill West stopped by. "You boys are liable to be hungry in the morning. Are the men getting together for breakfast?" We thought that would be a fine idea, since it was the second Sunday of the month and The Meadow Men usually meet on that morning.

The high point of the day:
Wil said, "I think that firebox is too close to that tire."
Buzz said, "Yeah ... I think so, too."
Donna said, "There's a bubble raising on that tire."
The bubble said, "POP!"

Grace and peace ...