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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thankful for the Sabbath experience ...

One of the greatest struggles of bivocational ministry is finding myself in want of a regular Sabbath experience and carving time for personal worship.

Too often I find myself living day to day, week to week without a Sabbath. Yet, I am grateful to serve this community where I am given a number of Sundays "off" to experience renewal.

Such was the case on New Year's weekend when my family took up three chalets at Fairhaven Ministries. On Sunday morning, I decided to walk the trails on the grounds along Roaring Creek. It was a wonderful time of quiet contemplation ... a time that I greatly needed. (I was gone so long that Donna later told me she became worried.)

The weather had an early spring-like feel to it; the breeze was cool and brisk. At one point, I stood on a trail that was transformed into a wind tunnel and watched rhododendron leaves shimmer rhythmically -- creation dancing in the Spirit! Every so often I would stop and photograph the cascading creek as it journeys along the Doe River watershed.

A beautiful waterfall caught my eye in the distance, but the trail only allowed my tennis-shoed feet to pursue it but so far. As I journeyed toward an easier passage I stopped at the creekside ... rushing water steadily roared in my ears ... a brisk breeze heightened my senses ... instinctively I lifted my arms in praise, with my face to the heavens.

Worship ...

Grace and peace ...