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Monday, March 26, 2007

Going through suffering ...

We're coming down the stretch of "40 Days With Jesus."

Palm Sunday and the adoring crowds are just around the corner.

Jesus will meet with his disciples in the Upper Room.

Betrayal will come.

Good Friday brings the cross. But as Tony Campolo would say, "It's Friday, But Sunday's Comin'!"

Still, Leslie Weatherhead has another viewpoint:

" ... the story of the Cross takes us further and is very relevant to the whole problem of suffering. Christ did not just passively endure it while God looked on. He took such an attitude to it, accepting it in such a positive and trusting spirit, that he wrested from it triumph and victory. ... he turned debit into a credit, so that Good Friday is not a sad story with a happy ending on Easter Day. Both are days of triumph as we look back on them." ("Salute to a Sufferer," 1962, Leslie D. Weatherhead, Abingdon Press, NY/Nashville; p19)

Can we look back on our own suffering -- or even if we are suffering today -- and discover "days of triumph?"

Grace and peace ...