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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We need to see the world with ...

We have officially started the second year of Green Meadow's School of Hope.

A little more than a week ago, some Meadow folk gathered with former students and this year's new parents for a late Sunday afternoon meal.

I loved being with the young parents, but I really loved being with the babies and toddlers. As a former pastor of mine would say, holding a baby who has just been baptized, "This is the closest to heaven you will get on this earth."

I took a lot of pictures, one of which I posted on

One of the things I enjoyed doing when my children were small was taking pictures as they discovered something new.

I took this photo when my son David appeared to have discovered rain puddles after a shower in Port Arthur, Texas.

Children always seem to see the world with fresh eyes.

Have you ever walked with a toddler the first time they venture outside? They stop and touch things we take for granted ... rocks, grass, bugs, leaves, you name it.

Walking from the porch to the driveway can take 30 minutes to an hour if you go at their pace.

They see the world with fresh eyes.

When we come to worship the living God, should we not come with fresh eyes?

When we move into mission, serving the least, the last and the lost, should we not come with fresh eyes?

When we journey into Creation, should we not see the world with fresh eyes?

If we truly believe in a God who "makes all things new," should we not come into all things with the expectation that each encounter will bring something new?

May we always greet his word, his presence in prayer, and those we serve in his name with "fresh eyes."

Grace and peace ...