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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What will you find in The Meadow?

Author and illustrator Anne Hunter uses a series of books to educate young readers about nature while they are learning to read.

Books such as “Possum and the Peeper” and “What’s in the Tide Pool,” “What’s In The Pond?” and “What’s Under the Log?” all of which seek to satisfy the curiosity of young readers who are just itching to stretch their imagination and cognitive legs.

While I was perusing her titles, this is the one that really caught my interest: “What’s In The Meadow?”

I tried to find this book at Barnes and Noble and Borders, but discovered that you have to order it online.

In the reviews, I found that Anne Hunter talks about and illustrates 10 creatures that can be found in The Meadow, but I have to settle for only knowing about five of those creatures:
Meadowlarks, spittlebugs, fireflies, eastern moles, and woolybear caterpillars — who can not only be found in meadows, but for some reason like to cross East Tennessee roads. Incidentally, the wooly bear caterpillar carries a bit of Appalachian folklore. Once they arrive on the scene, folks like me check out the color to see what sort of winter we’re going to have. I know it’s superstition, but it’s nonetheless fun.

So, now you know what’s in The Meadow — or, at least five of the 10 creatures.

But what if someone came up to you and asked, “What’s Green Meadow United Methodist Church all about?

“What’s your purpose?

“What’s your mission?”

And as we all know, there are some sisters and brothers who just call us The Meadow — thanks to the Web site — Green Meadow Church of God and Meadow United Methodist Church notwithstanding.

So, “What’s In The Meadow?”

Well, if we did a little more than scratch our heads, some of us might remember this:

“Our mission is to be an open gathering place to nurture Christians in training who, equipped by the Holy Spirit, go into the world and share the light of Jesus Christ.”

Well, that’s a mouthful, and what does it really mean?

It’s broken down this way:
  • Our mission is to be an open gathering place …
  • Our mission is to nurture Christians in training …
  • We are equipped by the Holy Spirit to engage this mission …
  • Our mission is to go into the world and share the light of Jesus Christ.
Having broken it down for a series of messages, I’ll try to encapsulate each in blog form in the future.

Grace and peace ….



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