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Sunday, November 22, 2009

How would you introduce Jesus Christ as King?

With today being Christ the King Sunday, the question placed before us is this: How can we have any understanding of what it means to claim Christ is King in our lives when we live in a Western democracy without any idea of what it means to live under a monarchy?

In some ancient cultures, kings were seen as divine, or at least serving as agents of the divine. You lived with the understanding that you were in complete surrender to the king. In Western democracies, we do not serve our elected leadership; in fact, quite the contrary. Our elected leaders serve at our will, and if they do not serve us well, we vote them out.

Perhaps the closest thing we have to royalty today are celebrities, which could explain the following introduction of Jesus by Steve Harvey, one of "The Original Kings of Comedy." Harvey is a professed Christian and appears to close his show with the following:


Certainly there will be some who claim Harvey's introduction is irreverant, but the crowd appears to "get it": The One who is coming up next is worthy of far greater exaltation and praise than is given to the various "kings" in the cult of celebrity; for instance, "The King of Pop," "The King of Rock," "King of the Hill" and "The King of Queens." But given our lack of understanding, it may be that this is the closest some of us can get to introducing the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to a hurting and wanting world.

So, let us seek a more perfect direction. Let us seek to introduce Jesus as King through our participation in building the Kingdom of God -- through acts of mercy, compassion, grace and love.



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